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Where is the difficulty of hard disk data recovery?
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Disk data repair is difficult, but also from the structure of the disk. There are two main aspects of disk data loss, one is that logic error causes disk to be unable to read, the other is physical error causes disk to be unable to read. Among them, logic error repair is less difficult, which is now a large number of so-called disk repair software and "folk master" can do. Logic errors are generally "soft errors ", that is, there is no actual physical damage, most of them are software level including sector errors, boot table errors and other data errors, modern computers are very sophisticated, Once some key data errors, the disk can not be recognized and read by the computer, this time, the appearance of the disk is" broken ". These injuries, is relatively simple, easy to repair through special software. This part is also the main operation of the so-called "disk repair" company, after all ," soft error "is easier to fix.

Physical errors, in general, require professional personnel, especially professional laboratories. The disk is composed of a very large number of precision components, containing the magnetic sheets that store the data itself, and in a very small space there are many magnetic sheets on a coaxial line, read and written by a high speed head.

This is just a magnetic chip and head, in addition to other circuit boards, interfaces, and a series of components, each of which, once damaged, will cause disk reading failure.

This is where the disk is expensive to restore: to fix these parts, it is clear that professional technology and tools are needed, not as familiar as soft errors.

As mentioned above, the difficulty of logical repair is low, in addition to misoperation, the possibility of data loss is not high. But physical repair is not what ordinary people can do. Among them, there are two kinds, one is medium damage, the other is control element damage.

Disk is called disk because it uses magnetic media to store data. That is, magnetic chips. Magnetic chips are some very thin disks on which the head runs to read data. The speed of the disk can reach thousands of revolutions per minute, from 5400 to 7200 revolutions, which is a very high speed motion. If the disk is hit or vibrated during use, such as a lot of people like to shake their feet on the chassis, or the running laptop falls carelessly, it is easy for the head suspended on the magnetic sheet to scratch the magnetic sheet accidentally, and once a small place begins to damage, it is likely to gradually damage the whole disk, because physically they are connected. This kind of repair is the most difficult, basically, in addition to the original manufacturers, have enough of the same type of accessories and tools, ordinary repair manufacturers, will directly impose the death penalty on this disk!

The other is damage to other control elements. As you can see from the above figure, there are a lot of circuit boards, motors and bearings together with the head to form a hard disk, and the accidental damage to these things will also cause the computer motherboard to be unable to operate the disk. Magnetic chips are still intact, but these other control components need to be worse. These parts can not be easily replaced by a screwdriver, if there is no suitable tools and venues, as well as a full understanding of the disk, as long as a hair wire mixed on the magnetic sheet, the next operation, Will destroy the whole magnetic sheet!

In fact, in the field of data recovery, there has been a division between the regular army and the guerrillas. And the original factory, is the data recovery of the regular army. It is easy to understand that the hard disk is our own design, our own manufacture, to repair, must be their own things they know best, which hard disk model, which batch of magnetic head, are clearly stored in our database. And the original factory has an important advantage, with its own laboratory. Many guerrillas, when dealing with physical damage, can not provide high-quality dust-free laboratories, open disks that need to be repaired in ordinary factories, precious disks, and are likely to cause secondary damage by dust. And the original factory will not have this problem. Disk is a very precise component, it itself requires a certain degree of air cleanliness, hard disk manufacturers assembly line is dust-free assembly line, so in the repair, of course, can not be in an ordinary family desk, Or a street store to repair, which is the same as the operation room. The most valuable data, of course, is to find enough strength to rest assured.

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